The practice of Robert Delaunay and his contemporaries

Session AAP :

AAP 2023-2

Scientific responsibility :

  • Victor Gonzalez
  • Stéphanie Elarbi

Partnership :

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Project ID : IDF-DIM-PAMIR-2023-2-006

Summary :

This international workshop, structured around guest lectures given by international specialists with complementary expertise, is organized at the end of the ParisRegionFP “Robert Delaunay’s palette”. It aims at providing to the public a cross-fertilisation of views (chemists, art historians, restorers, etc.), to collectively provide a better vision of the problematic of the painting practice of Delaunay and his contemporaries. Special focus will be placed on research axes bearing on:
Modern artistic materials and their implementation in paintworks: recent research aimed at deciphering their origin (identification within artworks, markers of the different ways of synthesizing and processing pigments, identification of suppliers…) and use (revealing artistic gestures, preparation by artists of their own paint formulations…);
Evolution of modern paintings over time and challenges for their conservation: New chemical insights on the alteration mechanisms active in modern paint layer, as well as current trends in restoration procedures implemented within modern art collections at international level;
The historical context of modern paintings production. Investigations aimed at following the use of pigments according to early 20th c. color theories. The question of interaction between modern painters such as Delaunay and their contemporaries will also be discussed.
The workshop is part of an initiative to reach out to the general public, as the Centre Pompidou’s lecture rooms are open to all visitors to the museum. In addition to the scientific lectures, a documentary filmed as part of the “Robert Delaunay’s palette” project will be shown to the public for the first time.