TD-SO (2)

Data Processing - Open Science (2)

Scientific responsibility :

  • Loïc Bertrand
  • Laurent Romary
  • Isabelle Rouget
  • Ariane Thomas
  • Laurence de Viguerie

Partnership :


Project ID : IDF-DIM-PAMIR-2022-A-003

Summary :

The Data Processing – Open Science project (2) is a continuation of the Data Processing – Open Science project (1). It aims to develop, implement and coordinate the DIM’s open science policy to:

  • ensure visibility of open science actions, support sharing research results, and exchange with local and national open science services in collaboration with coordinators, the Open Science working group, funded project managers, and services in the Île-de-France Region;
  • organize training courses on issues of data documentation, data management, and data sharing;
  • participate in the improvement of the structure and content of the DIM’s databases and promote the network’s structured data;
  • participate in the reference implementation for Île-de-France Region research funding mechanisms, including the data on funded projects in collaboration with services in the Île-de-France Region;
  • make access modalities visible and accessible to instruments to facilitate their openness to the regional level and beyond;
  • coordinate and participate in working groups and structuring projects around issues in open science, bibliometrics, and data and software structure and openness;
  • disseminate and promote the results of the actions achieved.