The three thematic fields highlight the most significant fields of investigation at present: objects, their uses and circulation; the relationship between materiality, climate and environment; the articulation between creation, art and matter.

The objects, in the broadest sense, whether they come from art, craft or industry, provide the material for a cross-disciplinary approach, which makes it possible to specify the techniques and systems of production, to characterize quality of the materials, operating chains and gestures, modes of transmission of know-how and technical [...]
Fossils and rocks are an invaluable source of information on the history of life and the evolution of the Earth’s environments and climates over geological time. The geochemical, structural and isotopic signatures of ancient materials not only advance our understanding of the beginnings of life, mechanisms of species evolution and [...]
Thanks to recent material turned into art history, the historicity of the material of works of art is asserting itself as a field of investigation shared by historians, art historians, science historians, scientists and specialists in heritage objects (curators, restorers, experts). Such a multidisciplinary approach combines experiments and physico-chemical characterization [...]