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2022 Science Festival

2022 Science Festival


DIM PAMIR was present at the 2022 Science Festival on the Pierre and Marie Curie campus of Sorbonne University! On a joint stand with DIM MaTerRE, several researchers presented projects funded by the DIM.

Mathilde Tiennot (Res2P/P project) – Workshop on plaster

Manon Gosselin (QUALIFE project) – “Iron archaeometallurgy: example of the QUALIFE project” poster

Priscila Machado Dal Moro (RAOH project) – “What happens inside an organ?” poster

Clarissa Cagnato (AMIDON project) – Workshop on starch

Isabelle Deregnaucourt (REFORME project) – “Reshaping the palaeontological material: retro-deformation and completion using geometric morphometry” poster

Aurélia Desplain (TianjinTM project) – “Tianjin Time Machine” poster

Lise Saussus (CUIVRAMA project) – Workshop on copper

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