Research in conservation-restoration and instrumentation

Scientific responsibility :

  • Loïc Bertrand
  • Sophie David
  • Barbara Jouves-Hann

Partnership :


Funding :


Project ID : IDF-DIM-PAMIR-2024-A-002

Summary :

On the one hand, this project will continue the work carried out under the “Research and Restoration” (2021) and “Methods and Practices of Restoration Research (MP2R (1) and MP2R (2)) (2022 and 2023) projects. In addition, it will lead and monitor the activities of two working groups and a structuring project: the “Research and Restoration” working group, the “Webinar Instrumentation” working group, and the “Centre Pompidou” structuring project. Implementing the priority actions identified, organising exchanges with institutional stakeholders and communicating about these actions are the main activities.


Project manager: Barbara Jouves-Hann