Preserving Archives of Sedimentary SEquences

Session AAP :

AAP 2023-8

Scientific responsibility :

  • Camille Wandres
  • Hélène Rebaubier

Partnership :

Funding :

  • LSCE

Project ID : IDF-DIM-PAMIR-2023-8-007

Summary :

The PASSÉ-Référentiel project, proposed by the LSCE experimental teams, aims to optimize and secure storage space for sediment cores in LSCE’s core repository. It is supported by several research teams in the Ile-de-France region, as well as other French and international research centers. The LSCE’s repository at Gif-sur-Yvette is not artificially cooled, making it the largest ‘natural’ core repository in France and Europe. This core repository, covering about 800 m2 is a unique place because the humidity and temperature conditions are naturally optimal for the preservation of this invaluable scientific collection. Indeed, around 27,000 half-sections of 1m50 to 2m long, marine and lacustrine cores are stored. This has been increasing with each campaign for over 50 years. The study of these cores plays an important role in understanding climate change and contributes to the IPCC reports. Consequently, the repository has a national and international profile in the scientific community working on climate and environmental archives. Numerous teams (researchers, doctoral students, technical staff) come here regularly to take samples for a number of cutting-edge scientific projects studying past climate and environmental variations. This space needs to be optimized and made safe. The equipment (particularly the shelving) used to store these cores has deteriorated considerably over the years and has become dangerous for the safety of users. The acquisition of new shelving and the associated handling is therefore essential for the proper organization, conservation and use of this unique archive collection.